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Last Post b4 New Year - 2011

my last post.... penutup 2010...
actually, mende ni dh lama.... cuma masa tu aku lupe nk wat entry...
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Kim Hyun Joong @ Face Shop Press Conference, Ritz Carlton Hotel, K. Lumpur, 4 Disember 2010

Fanmeeting @ Pavilion, K. Lumpur

Thank You very much, i Love You

ni gambar2 sekitar FM @ Pavi 4.12



It was the first time Malaysia won the championship title since the biennial tournament was introduced in 1996.
Tigers brought home the AFF Suzuki Cup for the first time in 21 years.

and also, this is my one of new hero....

and Malaysian hero la kot :P

from fb beliau rasenyer


and also our PM declared Friday a public holiday to celebrate Malaysia’s first ever victory in the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup championship.

Congratulation and thanks to all players...

mp3 cut

arini wedding anniversary aku ke 8... saje je aku watkan mp3 cut ni ... tgh boring....

prologue end ABC...
>> 1 <<
>> 2 <<

ost YAB

neo universe


gif's from Love Like This MV n Inki Perf

gifs LLT MV :D

Love Like this Perf @ Inkigayo



>> SS501<< Gif's spam

crying Ledo

cute YS

my LOve JM

perfect dance appa and daddy

ni plak masa diaorang kat jpn


random gif's



Teru (Glay)